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Special Days at Metropole

At GEMS Metropole, we encourage students to embrace other traditions and cultures just like the way they do with their own. Celebrating events and festivals in schools have become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief in a child.

We have many school events which are held annually. Students and staff lead in organizing Book Week in March, Sports Day in the winter and the school production. The Parent Council work alongside staff and students to run many events including the much loved International Day, National Day and Pink Day.

We believe that these opportunities allow students to learn cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills while making memories that will last a lifetime and here is a snap shot of some of the special days that occur throughout the year.

Themed Mornings

Spiritual Sunday: On this day the Metropole community hear soft calming music. This has been proven to lower anxiety and stress levels; increase positive moods; allow for better decision making and allows time for students to reflect and be thankful.

Music Monday: The music department treat us every Monday to the sound of musical instruments, please do stop and listen, music has a relaxing effect on us and helps with our wellbeing. 

Techy Tuesday: The IT department have their IT students who are our Tech Gurus available every Tuesday. The gurus will help you understand new features on the devices.

Wacky Wednesday: This day, led by the Science and Art departments, introduces us to wonderful days of quick and wacky experiments.

Topical Thursday: The plan is to have a Metro Radio station, but whilst this project takes off, we will record students each week to discuss their lessons, learning and what they found interesting. This project is led by the Media subject students who spend their week recording students across the school.


International Day

International Day showcases the multicultural nature of our community and is one of the highlights of our school calendar

Sports Day

Sports Day is an annual event and an opportunity for our students to come together in celebrating physical activity. It takes place at Dubai Sports City, within a short bus ride from the school.

Physical activity and sports are not only important for a child’s development but are building up a notion of team work and fair play and furthermore a desire to reach and overcome one’s own limits. 

National Day

Every year students, staff and parents celebrated National Day of the United Arab Emirates. The event begins with a whole school flag made by the students and staff of GEMS Metropole followed by students performing traditional songs and dance routines. Throughout the school grounds, a UAE village highlights traditional clothes, handicrafts, games, camels and food.


Please visit our social media pages to see some of the special events we have participated in.


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